Take the “Acid Test”: All New Techno Track by A*S*Y*S

The “Acid Test” by A*S*Y*S proves true for acid sounds. No muddy mix. A*S*Y*S ensures quality acid tunes, most especially, well done here. As a result, the music is clear and smooth right through to the end. Out now via the Suara label on their compilation album Alpha Sides Vol. II. Have a listen to this techno rocker, below.

“Acid Test” Track Review

There is exceptional sound quality on the acid lines. Evolving soundscapes with noise sweeps, filters, and phasers make for many moods. Intense techno track at a suitable tempo of 133 BPM. The most refreshing part of the listening experience occurs between the breaks makes for a sensational ebb and flow of energy as the main part of the track comes back.

Furthermore, acid sounds are tricky to tame. Those frequencies sliding around require both modulation and precision. Here, the crowded soundscape makes for a tight fit for the acid sounds. An impressive feat, and even more so, as they are all audible in the mix. At that, the instruments in this track are very well articulated. Listeners can easily detect the richness in the sounds.

Support for “Acid Test” by A*S*Y*S

What a show it will be to see the dance floor when this track plays. It is going to be great. To prove this, artist Adam Beyer, played “Acid Test” during a recent performance that caught the crowd going wild on video. See for yourself below.

About A*S*Y*S

Producing and DJing for decades now, A*S*Y*S perpetuates the early rave sounds of acid house music. From year to year, scene to scene, he saves the soul of acid: the subground/QULT style track “Acid Lights” in 2014, to house tracks like “Three Oh Three” from 2017, and more recently techno tracks on his new label Fe Chrome with “The Acid” earning the “hype” badge and number two spot in the top 10 rankings of his tracks on Beatport. Powerhouse producing talent for sure. “Acid Test” shows A*S*Y*S brings his best.

A*S*Y*S, "Acid Test", "Acid Test" by A*S*Y*S
Photo from A*S*Y*S Facebook

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