Tchami Adds His Magic Touch To Justin Martin’s “Stay”

The house track now receives a remix from one of EDM's most talked about artists

Justin Martin released his song “Stay” with vocalist Dalilah earlier this year in April. The song, the second on Martin’s music label What To Do, is a really good track. The energetic, thumping bassline provides a good foundation for Delilah’s few but elegant vocals to really shine. Well, Tchami has now decided to put his own spin on “Stay” and it’s going to be great.

Tchami is a household name, not only in the US but across the globe! His popularity amongst celebrities has made him a formidable figure in the scene. Martin Joseph LĂ©onard Bresso, better known as Tchami, is a French-born producer who has been manning the decks since 2013.

Tchami has this tendency to wear a clerical collar during his performances. In fact, his whole outfit and set decorations are all hallmarks of a priest – except he’s not. Imagine Pope Jean Paul II performing at Tomorrowland. Tchami wants people to feel that the message his music spread is spiritual.

He has now remixed Justin Martin’s latest track “Stay” which is really well produced. The French producer has made the track more bouncy and has included a much harder bassline. The whole feeling of the track is very much different. It feels like a more refined version of the original song, with Tchami’s signature sounds of course.

The track releases on August 5th on Justin Martin’s record label What To Do.

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Manav Pallan

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