Tchami “Rainforest” is a Lighthearted Track

Confession Label Has A Bright Future

Track review: Tchami “Rainforest”

Tchami’s newest original track “Rainforest” is intriguing, to say the least. It is already widely popular amongst his fans, and it shows just how versatile the French producer truly is. Certainly, the single dips away from his typical style and introduces a new mood to his ever-evolving sound.

Tchami “Rainforest”

“Mysterious vibes, that we share”

“Rainforest” by Tchami

It is a perfect summer house jam, “Rainforest” is upbeat and simply smile-provoking. In the track listeners will enjoy friendly chime sounds along with jungle-like drum patterns and diluted vocals to really capture an adventurous vibe.

About Tchami

DJ and producer, Tchami

French DJ and producer Tchami is taking over the house scene of late. His recent tour, “Pardon My French” alongside his home-turf colleagues Malaa, Mercer, and DJ Snake has been a huge success. This crew is also working together to push forward the future house movement and constantly develop new sounds.

He brought us major hits like “Adieu” and “Promises” and will continue to be a face for his genre. Also Tchami has been touring like crazy and has many exciting appearances coming up including the famous Creamfields festival in the UK.

Confession Label

Confession is the label created by Tchami himself to promote artists like Malaa, Mercer, AC Slater, Dombresky, Wax Motif, and many more. The idea like with any artist-driven label is to provide a space for pure creative freedom, and that is exactly the kind of liberty that will allow Tchami to work wonders.

Confession quickly took the reigns as a desirable destination for international house music producers to come and play. Therefore, we expect great things as new artists and ideas begin to collide. Be sure to keep track of Tchami and Confession because there is sure to be some awesome developments in the near future.

Official Music Video “Rainforest”

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