‘Tech My House Vol. 1’ Released for Space Yacht’s Anniversary

From its founders, Henry Lu and Rami Perlman, throwing its first party in 2015 to launching as a record label in October of last year, Space Yacht celebrates its six-year anniversary with a Tech My House compilation.

Space Yacht’s origins began in the live event sphere. Afterwards, it naturally grew to become a multi-faceted brand offering a platform for up-and-coming talent in electronic music. Additionally, Space Yacht has released unique apparel and set foot in crypto-art and NFT.

Before the pandemic, Space Yacht previously celebrated its anniversaries with live events. This year, the record label instead releases its first 17-track Tech My House compilation.

The compilation features an onslaught of artists discovered through Space Yacht’s very own demo listening Twitch series, Tune Reactor.

“When we started to think about putting together the compilation, we wanted to stay true to our mission of giving new artists a platform for their music. Ninety percent of the records we signed for this compilation were discovered on Tune Reactor.  From a curation standpoint, we wanted to put together a collection of tracks that worked together as if it were a DJ set.”  

Rami Perlman

The sounds of Tech My House Vol. 1

Staying true to its brand, the Space Yacht compilation shares nearly 30 minutes of mesmerizing house beats. The compilation seamlessly transitions from each track, giving listeners a taste of what fresh artists electronic music has to offer. The volume offers a diverse set of artists and a diverse sound across house with undulating vibes. From the funky “Rattlesnake,” to the darker sounds in “The Devil,” and the refreshing “Tribes,” Tech My House Vol. 1 manages to curate sundry vibes for every occasion. While the volume maintains multitudinous sounds, one thing is clear – each song enthralls and captivates with an infectious beat.

Space Yacht’s latest offering to electronic dance music cultivates the feelings of letting loose on the dance floor into a single mix.

Check out Space Yacht’s Tech My House Vol. 1 compilation on YouTube below, or stream it elsewhere via Space Yacht.

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Jillian Nguyen

Jillian Nguyen is a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate and a self-proclaimed EDM aficionado. She loves to chase DJs to music festivals where she also shows off her shuffling. Her favorite genres are deep house and bass house, with her favorite DJs being Moksi, Malaa, Valentino Khan and Skrillex.

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