Teknoclash Release Single “Wake Up” is a Banger

Wake up and dance to the grooving beats by Teknoclash

Teknoclash goes strong with the european hardstyle and trap sounds and brings down the house with an absolute banger. Listen to the track “Wake Up” below, or from the video above.

Track Review: “Wake Up” by Tecknoclash

Representative of the Wolf Clan sound

It is no coincidence the track title is “Wake Up” because this track is the kind of music that will wake you all the up in to a hard dance awakening. Tecknoclash brings hardstyle and trap style elements together into this hard dance track that is exemplary of the sounds of the Wolf Clan label. This track is a job well done, and another score for the entire Wolf Clan label.

The build-up

Opening with a reverberating hardstyle kick drum and vocals singing the lyrics that will wake you up:

Wanna wake up. I’m a wake up, when I wake up.

“Wake Up” Lyrics

That said the lyrics sing out strong on repeat from the start through the build and end right at the drop. All the while a sputtering snare beat drives the track’s rhythmic groove. The snare hits quicken in pace as the build goes on and on with a riser in the background just fueling the surge of energy that explodes out at the drop. It will wake listener’s up, and bring groove to the dance floor.

Hardstyle influences

The hardstyle sounds standout especially with the kick drum’s hard attack making that “TOK” sound typical of a classic hardstyle kick. The tempo of 150 BPM reflects the tempo range of hardstyle for sure, so an DJ’s looking to refresh their hardstyle set with something different than the routine melodic and raw hardstyle tracks can pump up the crowd with this trap style hard dance banger.

Dance Floor ready sounds

Frantic and sassy lead synths whining a rhythmic scale up high and then down low give this track the energy, attitude, and dance-ready beats that EDM fans crave. This is short and quick, which is a plus, as bangers, push the energy of the crowd to maximum which lasts only for a short time. Ultimately, this track gets to the point drops the madness quickly as proper bangers do.

Fan Reactions

All good, from the post in response to the official YouTube video of “Wake Up” by Teknoclash. Read from the comments by viewers below. With Dirty Workz being the parent label of Wolf Clan on which the track “Wake Up” had its release, there is no better support than having them publish the official video on their YouTube page. That is a definite win for Teknoclash.

Other remarks are well, random. As one viewer claims to have showed this video to their dog–probably because of the Wolf Clan reference. Not bad, not good, but to benefit of the post Technoclash gets much deserved attention for the track by replying with a friendly acknowledgment that the viewer’s dog is a “good boy”.

Complementary and constructive criticism are volunteered, too. One listener approves that it is a “nice track” but suggest that his ears are not quite tuned to appreciate the high-pitched attack on the kick drum. Like it or not, this track is great. As for the kick there is hope for a remix as another viewer proposes the thought of just imagining a remix of “Wake Up” by Dr. Phunk. Bring it on.

About Teknoclash

The native dutch talent, Teknoclash, proves he can go hard with his productions. “Wake Up” is just one of his releases on the Wolf Clan label. In April 2019 he released another hard dance tune in collaboration with Lost Identity titled “Never Asking”. This guy is on fire with this track. On stage, he is a great DJ. Catch him performing at Parookaville 2019.

Dutch DJ and producer, Teknoclash

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