The Disco Fries release “Side by Side”, another release on Enhanced Recordings

The Disco Fries release “Side by Side.”

The Disco Fries have been making music and releasing remixes since before 2010. The duo has established themselves as polished producers that bring well-layered tracks through several different subgenres and from different influences. Their newest track, “Side By Side” is a great example of taking influence from a specific genre, this time Jazz, and injecting it into a fun electrofunk track featuring electric keyboard, bass guitar, trumpet and saxophone instrumentals. You can listen to the track here:

The Disco Fries have been releasing music from under the “Enhanced Recordings” label. For three years, and from releasing songs on Tritonal’s “Tritonia 002” and lots of radio and industry support, their music has become very well known. This is a some that feels to have staying power both from a remixable, and radio play standpoint. The song features several different layers which feature instrumentals and also as upbeat and catchy lyrics about making it through life and staying positive. The primary influence for the song comes from old-school bass and horn-heavy jazz, with a modern electro influence. The lyrics take you through the ups and downs of his relationship and show his growth as a person. He comes to the realization that the world can try to shake him, but no matter how many waves are sent his way, himself, and his love will persevere.

Disco Fires Side By Side

To go along with their past of making different types of music, the duo has produced songs which are also very remixable. “Side By Side” follows in a long line of songs that have released. Including “Head in the Clouds” and “Stars Come Out.” We can be sure to see this song be remixed, and changed throughout the next few months. You can see the diversity that they bring to the each of their releases in the video below:

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