Get Added to the White List with The Satan’s Release “Black List”

“Black List”

Out now via PRSPCT Recordings

“Added to the Blacklist…” TOK TOK ZAP POW. That is the best darn onomatopoeia to describe the sinister sounds in this hardcore drum and bass track “Black List” by DJ and Producer The Satan. This track about adding to the Black List has unofficially made it onto the White List because it behaves just so responsibly: belting out bass with concussive drum hits so hard it hurts. Have a listen to these mean sounds from the video below. Now, turn it up.

Most impressive sound design coming from the genre right now. Yet, there’s always more. That is for sure. “Black List” is just one of several hard tracks to release on the Satan’s latest album from November 2018. Ultimately, “Black List” stands out for its buzz-nasty bass. Much more harsh is the electrical zap-like quality to the sub-bass on those kick drums. Just hurts so good when those kicks explode at 95BPM.

Not too familiar to the hardcore drum and bass style? This track is a great first impression then, as it is an official release from the leading hardcore drum and bass label PRSPCT Recordings. This label owned and operated by Thrasher and perpetuated by some of the hardest hitting producers in the genre like Limewax is thriving and well adjusted to all things hardcore and underground.  They even hosted their own stage at the now retired hard dance event known as Q-BASE. Check them out, they are in for the long-haul. This scene shows no sign of stopping. PRSPCT has struck gold and The Satan is to thank for it. Keep bringing those rough sounds.

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