The Vessbroz and Tenaj Collaborate on “Underground”

The Vessbroz have released their latest single, “Underground”, on Future Sound. However, it is very different to what Vessbroz usually released. It gives a very strong impression that the brothers are about to create their own unique style of dance music. “Underground” is a chill EDM track with hints of a house-like vibe to it. As the main section kicks in the, the music becomes dramatic. “Underground” offers a bouncing beat that draws you in and gets your feet tapping along.

For “Underground”, the Vessbroz have also enlisted the help of award-winning EDM vocalist Tenaj. She has brought her unusual, hair-raising voice to the already mysterious track. With their background predominantly in classical music, the Vessbroz fused their traditional concept of music and Persian heritage with the modern sounds of electronic music. In fact, that amazing fusion produces an individualistic style that is clearly taking the industry by storm.

Over the past year, the Vessbroz have seen releases on major labels such as Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. One release was their collaboration with Mark Voss called “Follow Me“. They have also worked with Sony Music, Blanco y Negro and now Future Sound. Currently taking over the scene with their impeccable hits, there is certainly a buzz around the brothers with constant excitement to see what they do next. Check out “Underground”, it is definitely a summer banger. Also listen to their acclaimed radio show, Electro Vessel, as well.

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