There is a Funky Cat in the Rawstyle Game: Geck-o Remixes

“Ashen One” [Geck-o Reflipflop]-Vyral

Familiar names in Raw Hardstyle, such as Vyral, are winning the hunt with their hard-hitting rawstyle game. Now, Geck-o, representing The Funky Cat label, polishes up the winning track “Ashen One” by Vyral with some freaky good psychedelic sounds. The resulting remix is called by a different name: the Geck-o Re-flip-flop. Intriguing. Have a listen, below.

Sound Design

Kick drums pounding violently. Creepy vocals. Madness ensues as the build-up climaxes with a siren alarm just before the drop. Such a creative production. Fusing the musical talents of both Vyral and Geck-o, well-established producers, into an on-trend track with an underground feel, the re-flip-flop is fine music.

Those kick drums. Those kick rolls. My, oh my, such noise is music to the ears. Similar to the old-school hardcore techno kick drums. Or, even that of Schranz, like the tracks from that genre by Frank Kvitta, and Waldhaus. Intense stuff.

More recent interpretations of that style kick drum are coming back into the present day Raw Hardstyle genre. Not only, here, by Vyral, but also Regain in his track “The Greatest Show”. Dare to play it at max volume, and it just may break the walls around you. Try it out:

If those sounds do not have the walls crashing down around you it is because it only sounds like they might. Industrial blasts of sound, whatever, that kick drum is called, bring more of it. Enough is never enough. That means it is time to get back in the studio for some wrecking-ball kicks.

Out now on the Spoontech Records label. Increasingly present within the Raw Hardstyle scene with recent stage hostings at Q-BASE 2018 and soon at Qapital 2019 in April, this label brings hardstyle with raw style.

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