“There It Is” Returns With Vibrant ‘Pyramid Scheme Vol. II’

Rising star and mysterious EDM artist "There It Is" drops newest volume of 'Pyramid Scheme'

2020 brought the electronic music world many unknowns.  In a universe without nightclubs and festivals, EDM fans had to turn to streaming services to get their rave fix. This led to the discovery of some incredible new artists that might have been overlooked if we weren’t all sitting at home digging for new tracks, including the artist “There It Is”. “There It Is” released an onslaught of new music in 2020. His music has topped the Beatport charts, particularly his Rave or Die EP. Additionally, his remix of “Stompin’ To My Beat” produced by Speed House Godfather, Haus of Panda, also did the same as well.

“There It Is” testing his toes in hip-hop

In fact, “There It Is” even dipped his toes in the hip-hop world in 2020, crafting a bass-music infused remix of the trap hit “Ned Flanders” by MadeInTYO. This track even went as far as being shared by R&B legend T-Pain on Soundcloud.  As if this amount of exposure weren’t enough, “There It Is” also had multiple singles show up in some huge editorial playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, racking up streams all over the United States, Europe and Japan.

The arrival of Pyramid Scheme Vol. II

However, out of all of the releases from “There It Is” in 2020, the one that stood out the most to us was his live DJ set titled Pyramid Scheme Vol. I.  We have been patiently waiting for the follow-up, and are proud to bring you the premiere of the second volume of “Pyramid Scheme”.

Pyramid Scheme Vol. II clocks in at exactly 30 minutes just like its predecessor, and just like the inaugural volume, this live DJ set brings non-stop rave energy from start to finish.  While the first volume of “Pyramid Scheme” was heavily-loaded with 150 BPM Hybrid Trap and Speed House tunes, the second volume brings the tempo down a notch to the 124-128 range.

The notable features of the second volume

Although slower in tempo, the second volume is in no way slower in pace than the first iteration, featuring huge techno bangers from artists such as T78, and tracks from Tommie Sunshine that can only accurately be described as pure rave music, overlaid with acapellas from notable artists from all corners of the EDM industry.  

Two things that caught our ears’ attention in this live DJ set were two unreleased songs from “There It Is”. One being a pupil-widening remix of Booka Shade’s classic “Body Language” and another being an ID that is infused with serious techno and electro house vibes.  Hopefully we can get our hands on these tracks soon!

Following up

We once again reached out for an interview with “There It Is”. However, his manager claimed that he declined, continuing to keep this chart-topping EDM artist’s identity a mystery.  The only thing we were told was to stay on the lookout for an even wider array of electronic music smashers from this elusive artist regularly through 2021 and beyond.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Pyramid Scheme Vol. II below!

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