Thomas Gold – “Best” Remix

Thomas Gold is on quite the winning streak with his his remixes so far for 2017. In his latest major remix the German producer puts his unique spin on Borgore‘s track, Best. The original version of Best is much different than Borgore’s usual dubstep style but it’s really a thing of beauty. It’s really chill and soothing and it kind of puts you in your feels (but not in a bad way). Gold’s remix puts a fresh spin on Borgore’s chill yet shadowy song from the perspective of an ex love about being well, the best you ever had.

Throughout the track gentle synths and trippy FX rebound with the basslines. The vocals are the same as the original in some places but in others they are amped up and mixed to add more energy. The remix gives the song depth and a new feeling without overtaking the original. The remix also adds more energy to the song overall and gives it more of a club feel. It really turns it into something you can vibe to.

The overall sound of the track still resembles the original. Most Borgore fans would agree that Best is quite different from his usual style and hearing this new side of his music is awesome. The original version of Best is really unique because it is a completely different path than Gold’s remix. Gold really remixed it well though and kept the essence of the original and that is what made this track stand out to me.

An aside: 2017 is really looking like the year for Thomas Gold. Magic was the lead single from his most recent album Revelations: Part 1 and it has been a success across multiple streaming platforms. Between his Miami performances and the summer festival season kicking off, this remix can only help Gold.

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