Tim Mason – Drifter

Wave your Tim Mason flags fellas and ladies take out your furry hoods because “Drifter” is one for the dream state, the EDC go-er and the raver in all of us. A grand finale closing out set number. A shamefully “I gotta take my shirt off bro” type of track. The type of song you amplify in your car stereo on a free open road. It’ll have you asking when and where can I experience this……live.

A mix of progressive house and electro elements fortify “Drifter” into Tim Masons most impressive release yet. A marathon of a rush sweeps into you and accelerates your energy as Mason plants his “pine for” dance effects. This Brighton-bred polymath has caught the attention and recognition from numerous Dance Music industry talent. This time around “Drifter” (released on DoornRecords) has Mason claiming festival shine. The song you need to help you get through public transportation, it’s when this song plays that you and your buddy give each other that frown grin face because you both feel it. If that’s what you’re into then drift into “Drifter”.

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