Tinashe – “2 On” (Lay-Wy Remix)

TINASHE! I had to scream that because I think she’s everything and more. We live in a music world right now that doesn’t appreciate differences enough and I truly think Tinashe is a much deeper artist than some radio queen. Tinashe has always brought some next level stuff, including music, videos, dances, and mixtapes. She owns it all. “2 On“, her biggest hit to date, is arguably one of the greatest urban pop crossovers of the last decade and has truly steered some modern pop music in the right direction. DJ Lay-Wy has updated the song to some new 2017 standards and it’s a very fresh take on a two-year-old song.

More of Schoolboy Q’s rap is used in this mix over Tinashe but it still has the iconic “2 On” chorus, cause you know, “we love to get that two on”. We also get that “get money, get money like an invoice” line! There’s this awesome little bass line that pops its head in between a few hand claps and kicks here and there. I love how the kick will stop and the bass will hit real quick and before you know it, the kick is back and the song is moving again. Tiny little things like that can really take a song to a new level.  That bass line is addicting, and I could listen to it all day. Not only is it funky, it’s extremely fresh and you can almost here each finger hitting each bass string, which is very appealing to the ear. While I think Tinashe is highly underrated and deserves to blow up, this remix is a nice take on the original hit. Check it out!

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