TJR – Time To Jack

TJR has a history of almost a decade of banging original productions and remixes under his belt. Originally from Connecticut, he has built a worldwide reputation of success with Beatport number ones such as “Funky Vodka,” “What’s Up Suckaz,” “Bounce Generation,” and “We Wanna Party” along with a Platinum hit “Don’t Stop the Party” with Pitbull. Reaching the charts in 9 different countries and performing throughout the world he has become a familiar name to many. After his long journey into success, he now aims to bring classic electronic sounds combined with modern energy in his latest release, “Time To Jack”.

“Time To Jack”, released by Dutch powerhouse Spinnin’ Records, opens on dramatic, aggressive, and nostalgic chords through an intoxicatingly familiar synthesizer.  The vocals exclaim “It’s time to jack!” over an exciting rise in music created by a storm of wild noises. When the build ends, these wild noises fall into place on top of a traditional “Dutchy” style beat pattern. At the heart of the percussion is a punchy and bouncy kick drum that makes it hard to not move to the beat. Sirens and alarms follow as the song progresses rhythmically. This track is genuinely exciting.

Time To Jack is a blend of old school and new school. It merges classic rave chord stabs with high pitched vox, and a spastic lead over a tough, dutchy drum pattern drop!” – TJR

Although many artists won’t take the risk and time to try their hand at a style that is no longer the trend in the market, TJR proves every once in awhile that it is worth revisiting your roots. This stands true for producers, DJ’s, and party goers alike because good music is timeless regardless of the sub genre. “Time To Jack” is a fresh 2017 banger that feels like a classic party anthem from years ago with added fury.  

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