Toma Hawk Returns With New Track ‘Transmission Accepted’

Looking for a new track that epitomises the global underground scene of Techno? Then look no further – Toma Hawk has started off 2021 with whopping beats and huge aspirations in mind with his new release. Following a string of club-bound bangers and a substantial history in the industry, his brand-new single ‘Transmission Accepted’ signifies to us that Toma Hawk is coming into the year hot and heavy. We wait with anticipation as there is much more speaker-splitting Techno to come from this musically inclined producer.

Toma Hawk’s ‘Transmission Accepted’ will leave everyone off the edge of their seats

Plunging us into a state of instantaneous movement, Toma Hawk ensures his work is utterly infectious. He manages to incorporate sharp percussion, killer hi-hats and succinct synth work. He then introduces a booming bassline to tie it all in together and ensures that this new banger will rock the dark nightclubs where Toma Hawk has built his sensational reputation. We’re all yearning to return to the nightlife scene. That being said, Toma Hawk is pushing the boat out with his unique sound to ensure the return of club culture will be filled with rich, unforgettable sound.

Herbrido’s remix

With industrial-styled robotic vocals and a seriously heavy bassweight, the release features a remix from Germany-based DJ/Producer Herbrido. He adds a new dimension to the track by implementing a more hardstyle twist. Relatively new to the scene, Herbrido seems keen to flex his love for the industry as he continues to enhance the music he produces with his own modernised Techno flare. The execution of his inimitable talent and raw sound guides us on a blissful journey through the deep and cavernous realm of Techno that transcends from his rich passion for the intricate art of music production.

The legendary talent of Toma Hawk

To signify his diverse aptitude and knowledge, the talent pool for Toma Hawk does not stop at music production – he is colloquially known as a master behind the decks where his authentic passion and devotion for all things Techno shines through. If that wasn’t enough, he has also built up his own record label known as Lakota Music, which is at the heart of his talented and inspirational personality. His overall aim for the label is to scout talent whilst nurturing and mentoring in the process. In fact, stay in the groove and be on the lookout in 2021 for more top-quality techno from Toma Hawk and Herbrido.

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