Torren Foot Releases Vocal Version of “More Life”

Torren Foot's vocal version of "More Life" includes the vocal support from Tinie Tempah and L Devine

Torren Foot, the ever-rising Australian DJ/producer, has collaborated with British rapper Tinie Tempah and up-and-coming British electropop singer-songwriter L Devine to release a vocal version of “More Life“. Torren Foot had released the original tech-house version of “More Life” back in November 2019. However, he has enhanced the track with vocal power from both singers, putting a perfect end to the summer season. Check out the music video below.

Music video

BRIT-award winning rapper Tinie Tempah and L Devine’s contributions to this new version have helped the track begin autumn with a bang. Meji Alabi directed the “More Life” music video, which also comes out on the track’s release day. Interestingly, the music video starts off with an elderly man drinking a “More Life” energy drink in order to get a little more from life. After the man gulped down the drink, his energy perked up instantly and the tempo begins to get energetic. The vocals from Tinie Tempah and L Devine really turned up the mood and fans can’t wait to hear it live one day.

Torren Foot’s success with the “More Life” original

Since Torren Foot released the original “More Life” on November 22, 2019, the track has achieved a lot of success. The original gained over 6 million streams to date and was the #1 song on Australian radio station, Triple J. The original “More Life” has also topped the Beatport 100 Chart four weeks in a row. Furthermore, it is the 3rd-bestselling Beatport record of the past year.

Prominent artists who have praised “More Life” included the likes of Pete Tong, Danny Howard and Joel Corry. The track has additionally ranked #1 on Australia’s Spotify Viral Chart, #5 on New Zealand. Also, it has ranked on the Top 40 of the Dutch and Belgian charts as well. This vocal, and more upbeat, version with Tinie Tempah and L Devine will also bring out the same excited feelings that the original has already provided.

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