Tove Styrke – “Say My Name”

I listened to this song about 10 minutes ago and I’m already singing along to this pop gem. I don’t even know where to start. My fingers keep hitting the wrong keys and I have to keep repelling stuff because I can’t hold in my excitement. This track has about everything it needs to be a classic. An infectious beat, vocals on point, and this awesome twangy guitar, that I’m trying so hard to recreate with my voice to sing along. Swedish singer Tove Styrke (I guess Tove is a popular name there) just dropped this track as the first taste of her upcoming album due out later this year.

Tove’s debut earned her a spot on The New York Post “10 Artists to Know in 2011” and her second album earned critical acclaim. I’m very happy with the new song and think it’s a real ear treat. There are many things that draw me into this song, but I think the real thing that gets me is the “let it roll, let it roll off your tongue”. The way she sings that gets me all heart eye emoji. ‘Wear it out like a sweater” is in close second place though cause I think that line is great as well. I’m sure with a cool video and some proper promotion the song could see some worldwide success. It’s got that catch factor and originality that makes it’s a perfect pop song.

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