Track Review: Chris Watson’s Single “2005” on “Real Life” EP

Chris Watson's "2005" Balances Tranquility with Excitement

British DJ and producer Chris Watson released his newest EP, “Real Life” on October 2nd. Aside from one track that shares the same name, the other tracks of “Real Life” are “Needing You”, “Words Without Thinking”, and “2005”. The EP’s release is Watson’s first official release since the success of his 2014 viral hit, “Make The Crowd Go”.

Notably, the sounds of “Real Life” combine electro-pop, house music, and ambient soundscapes that are sure to ease the listeners’ minds. Regarding “2005”, the track will definitely transport the individual back to a nostalgic period of their lives. Here is the track review of the “2005” single from the “Real Life”:

Party Like It’s 2005

The track began with rapid percussive rhythms that align well with mellow vocals that allows a tranquil vibe to appear. As one listens to “2005” with sharp ears, there is a significant Latin influence in the beginning of the track before it transitioned to a mellow melody. Afterwards, synth lines made their way alongside a drumbeat that sets the mood for a great party.

The track’s combination of upbeat and relaxed emotions allow the listeners to think back to a care-free time they once had in their lives. It is a track that people can listen anywhere, whether at a cubicle, house party, or while relaxing on the beach. “2005” is also a track that one can still listen to even if they’re in 2025, 2035, or beyond.

Further Details on “Real Life”

Regarding the overall theme of “Real Life“, it’s an EP that relates to an issue that Watson is passionate about. That issue is mental health, particularly when affected by excessive social media and internet use. Chris Watson mentioned that many of his friends had witnessed their anxiety and depression enhanced due to social media consumption and he wants his music to uplift people who are going through tough times in their lives. “Real Life” is also an EP that will allow listeners to escape from the stressful moments of modern society and be among themselves in bliss.

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