Tritonal Caps Off Busy Year With Single “Shinin’ Bright”

Shinin’ Bright

Dallas-duo Tritonal has been quite busy this year. The DJs have played countless sold out shows as well as a nationwide tour with Seven Lions and Kill The Noise, along with a busy festival schedule. Dropping songs the entire time, their newest release Shinin’ Bright is a progressive track that has a ‘Daft Punk’ vibe.

They released the song on Spinnin Records, and continue to make songs with different beats and styles. It showcases the diversity of Tritonal’s productions, as Shinin’ Bright is much different from past creations, like Good Thing and Strangers. This one is a bit more focused on the beat and instrumentals than other Tritonal tracks.

Coming in right away with drums, heavy synths and altered, autotuned lyrics like from a page out of Daft Punk’s book. Then enters a touch of French-electro influence. The song adds and removes layers of both instrumentals and synths. Keyboard, flute, and several other instruments can be heard throughout and pop-up during different portions of the song.


Chad and David continue to change and evolve within the progressive EDM landscape. Their new release manages to combine catchy lyrics with a sound that is easy to listen to whether or not you are an EDM connoisseur.

Tritonal Photo
Chad Cisneros (left) and Dave Reed (right)

Tritonal finished their “Horizon Tour” with Seven Lions and Kill The Noise last night in Chicago. The group will be doing shows leading up to the new year back in Dallas. We can expect Tritonal to keep up the momentum they have developed over the last few years, and we should see more new music soon from Chad and David.

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