Tritonal Showcases Versatility of “Good Thing” with 6 New Remixes

Tritonal has had a big year, and are continuing the momentum with a big nationwide tour with Seven Lions. That hasn’t stopped them from releasing a variety of new remixes to their summer hit “Good Thing,” featuring Laurell. The songs original mix is a catchy progressive track featuring Laurell singing about a fun night out and chasing love (or lust). The remixes feature the same lyrics but have been tinkered with by producers such as Justin Caruso, Boehm, LIGHTSTRIIKE, Vigel and a few others listed below.

You can listen to all of them below:

Tritonal has been producing amazing progressive tracks for several years now, and “Good Thing” is far from the same. Allowing their big summer release to be remixed by such a variety of artists shows the versatility of the beats, lyrics, and songs in general Tritonal bring to the world. Highlights from the group of remixes are the trance mix by Vigil, which takes the track in a completely different direction from where it started, making it a high energy, fast-paced club track. On the other side of the spectrum, Justin Caruso shows that the sound can also work with a bass-heavy drop. Still, the song keeps its identity, even being so different from the original song’s vibe. His use of synth on the track brings out another layer that other genres wouldn’t have been able to inject.

All of the artists were able to inject their own styles into the song, which really speaks to the talents of all parties involved. LoaX brings a big room feeling but really injects his own sound onto the beat and music underneath the lyrics. LIGHTSTRIIKE brings his own future bass sound to the song, delivering a futuristic funky sound which changes tempo and rhythm several times. Justin Boehm rounds out the remixes with a fun tropical sounding mix. You can also check out the official video for Good Thing below:

If you want to catch Tritonal on tour, you can check out the dates and locations here:

Tritonal, Seven Lions Tour

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