Troyak And Chæ “Escape” Reality With Their First 2019 Release

Following a successful summer release last year with William James and Yetep, “Light Up The Way,” singer/songwriter, Chæ, is kicking off 2019 with her latest track, “Escape,” in collaboration with emerging DJ and producer, Troyak. 



“Escape” is truly a unique and a one-of-a-kind emotional song that is hard to only categorize as an electronic track. It is a mutt that crosses the line between R&B and orchestral Psychedelic Trance, featuring Chæ’s angelic soulful vocals while telling the story of a person’s inner devious and lustful thoughts who wants to make someone theirs. Troyak and Chæ are coming together for the first time for their independent release, which drops today.

While talking about collaborating with Troyak on “Escape,” Chæ was quoted:

“I met Max while he was on tour with KSHMR. We got caught up in conversation, felt connected artistically and kept in touch. A couple of weeks later, he sent me a few links of rough ideas that he had lying around, and one file called ‘Pain’ had caught my attention, which was the beginnings of what became ‘Escape.’” 



Best known for his last remix of KSHMR & Tigerlily’s “Invisible Children,” Troyak’s success has started to snowball after the track was publicly supported by the well-known DJ on social media and live at Ultra Music Festival, which led to other big collaborations such as Mavjak. 

After being introduced to Chrome Sparks’ track, “Send The Pain On,” Troyak was inspired by their cinematic upswings and spent hours creating what was only the beginning of “Escape.”

“I met chæ in Boston and exchange numbers after discovering we were both pursuing music. I sent her the little link to the draft for ‘Escape,’ and she comes back with a rough vocal on it and I go crazy. I got SOOOOO inspired after I heard her voice on that track. I thought it was going to be just a nice little idea I’d forget about, but then boom, and I was sooo fired up. I wrote more stuff and eventually we had a full song. A couple of edits later the song was pretty much finished. Today I hope it is unrecognizable when comparing it to the original track that inspired me to make Escape. But I think music fans will be able to see where I drew the influence from.”

– Troyak. 
Troyak x chæ – “Escape”

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