Trunks’ Hit “Power Level” Free for Download Now

Trunks is back with a heavy Trap-inspired EDM hit called “Power Level”. It starts off with big bass, and a slow jam beat. Then building energy with synths and industrial sounds. Trunks features a multitude of effects and intriguing elements that draw the listener into the track. Later on, the production switches it up by including jumping synths. As a result, this adds a whole new feel to the song. The title of the track “Power Level” is certainly an appropriate choice.

Trunks has been climbing his way up the ladder with some of his biggest hits including “Nimbus”, “Call Shenron” and “Landing”. Also, his music has seen him gain well over half a million streams. Furthermore, he has a following of listeners online increasing day by day. Upon moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles to pursue his musical career, Trunks has gone from strength to strength.

His skill as a DJ, though, has had to take a back seat. In recent years, Trunks has been focusing more on creating standout productions, and on being a Father. Now, there is word that a US tour is on the horizon. This year, 2019, is looking to be a special year for the Atlanta DJ and Producer Trunks.

“Power Level” is out now as a free download.

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