Get Wonky with tsimba and Maxfield’s New Collaboration “Yerba”

East Coast producers tsimba and Maxfield join forces to release a wonky and neuro bass track titled “Yerba“. Listen to the new collaboration via Soundcloud below….”Hit that. Are you with that? C’mon let’s get it now.

Jake Maxfield and Mark Evans Musto display a discerning ability to flow together dubstep bass with glitch style synths on this new track. Seamlessly mixing elements into a rather dancy song, “Yerba” slides together with a tantalizing ability to gyrate the senses. This is booty-shakin’ bass at it’s finest. Not to mention, once the scratch session takes off, “Yerba” climaxes into an all-out rollercoaster of sound. Don’t resist it. Once you press play, there will be no option other than to dance between the fine line of reality and imminent imagination. So, get free and crank up the speakers. Let the sounds of this womp-worthy track fascinate the mind.

New track with man like Maxfield is officially live! We’ve been extremely stoked on this one for quite some time and had too much fun working together.

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