Tsuki Unveils “Over” VIP Remix for Upcoming Album

The VIP remix comes as the first single from his debut album, "Redemption."

Tsuki unveils a VIP remix of his previous release “Over” as the first single from his debut album, Redemption. The album will come out later this month on November 27.

“Over VIP” brings the familiar pitched up vocal backing from its original release along with its high energy. In this single, Tsuki unleashes a non-stop invigorating charge to hype listeners for the release of his debut album. Moreover, “Over VIP” packs a powerful beat and roaring basslines to send the dancefloor to a frenzy. Originally orchestrating dancers to a four-on-the-floor beat, Tsuki loads the VIP remix with a thundering drum and bass drop that slows down for no one. The new spin on his old track gives a glimpse of Tsuki’s evolution as an artist.

Dom Boyle, the genius behind the Tsuki musical moniker, is a familiar Birmingham-based producer from the Crucast label. Previously nominated as Best Newcomer in the Drum & Bass Awards, he now emerges with consistently heavy hits.

With the debut album Redemption under his belt for the end of the month, listeners can begin to anticipate the full release with staggered releases of its tracks across the next few weeks. For now, fans will have to continue dancing to “Over VIP” until next week’s single drops.

Listen to “Over VIP” below and pre-order Redemption via Crucast.

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Jillian Nguyen

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