Check out "Educational" by Tsunano Out Now on Universal Music

Beginning his career at the tender age of 17, Tsunano has become a trailblazer in the Asian music scene. As such, he captures audiences with his keen fashion-forward aesthetic and multi-genre influences. A writer, producer and model are just a few things that come under the umbrella of this artist.

“Educational” is the latest release from Tsunano which is both deep and funky with a solid House groove. After producing for artists such as Chris Lee and Momo Wu, Tsunano takes the lead with his silky vocals gliding in and out of falsetto before taking on a catchy rap as the beat thickens and a drop is introduced.

Tsunano has previously worked with the Parisian Bass King, Azar, Yellow Claw, and Cesqueax and has shared the stage with many international icons by performing at events and festivals in China & beyond such as Storm Festival and Amsterdam Dance Event. Be sure to check out Tsunano’s stunningly put together music video where he emphasises the message behind the video of learning about yourself is a key aspect of being in love.

Tsunano’s “Educational” is out now on Universal Music.

Watch the ‘Educational’ video:

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