Tujamo feat. Sorana – “One On One”

Tujamo just released a new track, One On One, featuring Sorana and it has the potential to be a big summer hit (well, I know it will be for me at least). Tujamo is better known for his electro house style and he has worked with similar artists on projects such as  Delirious (Boneless) with Steve Aoki and Chris Lake and he has also remixed other similar artists. The man is seriously talented and his music makes you want to dance and party.

The song has a very sexy vibe with the flirty semi sultry sounding vocals from Sorana. The beats themselves have a completely different style than Tujamo’s usual style. They are more future bass meets electro house meets pop (mainly due to the vocals but also the overall sound has a pop-ish vibe). The video is from the perspective of a camera with a girl at the center of the cameras attention and the video is pretty spicy which fits the song well. They song is quite catchy (I’ve had it stuck in my head all day) and the drops really make you want to dance and the song just has the overall fun vibe.

Photo Credit: Dance Charts Germany

This is the first song Tujamo has put out in a while and fans are a bit skeptical because it is much different than his past work. EDM has been around for years and years, but the popularity of certain styles constantly changes. It seems like Tujamo is just moving to a new style with a future bass feel which is really popular right now. Regardless of if you were a fan before or are just now getting into his music, this song is awesome and totally worth the listen. I am excited to see what is next to come from Tujamo and his new sound (if he even is changing his sound).

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