Tujamo – “One on One” Ft. Sorana

     Gaining a golden reputation from working hand in hand with artists like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Laidback Luke, and Martin Solveig, German producer Tujamo has stepped into the world of dance music in a larger than life way. In the last 2 years, his music has become a staple for many EDM DJs across the globe.

As put by Insomniac: Tujamo has the main stage hits on lock.”

His new release on Spinnin’, “One on One”, features Caribbean style beats infused with familiar elements of house bangers. This, paired with the sweet, confident vocals of Sorana makes it hard to resist the grove of this song. A flavorful twist on his usual style does not disappoint as he delivers another amazing work of art.

Taking a different direction than many EDM hits, this track’s lyrics and vocals play a major part in its overall appeal.  The theme is a woman craving the touch and attention of a specific special someone. She has obviously been smitten by this individual. This is expressed in a classy way where it is implied to be mutual between the protagonist and the subject of her fascination. Music like this is hard to find. Without a glamorous vocal performance like the one provided by Sorana, a theme like this would not be easy to achieve.  

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The official video to the song is the perfect visual compliment to what is going on musically. In the video, shot in first person and featuring a date stamp that reads May 19, 1997, the viewer is plunged into the sensual story of what looks to be a couple interacting in very relatable ways. As the music peaks, so does your visual journey into the night. Your journey starts at the beach followed by a night out at a bar. Eventually as the climax of the song is introduced you are now one on one, alone with her. A clever twist at the end snaps you back to reality as you realize there might be more to this story. The skilled combination of music, lyrics, and video make it extremely seductive. It is not hard to associate everything happening with personal experiences of lust and love. Simply put, it connects with the addicting feelings that everyone craves.

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This track feels tribal and rhythmic. It taps into exotic and sexy thoughts. Blurring the line between club jams and good music, this is something for more than just the average party goer. It would not be surprising to hear this tune at a social event, blasting from cars in traffic, or even while shopping. Likely to be the soundtrack to many cherished memories, this release is steamy hot and a great kickoff to the summer.

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