Tune in to Toma Hawk’s Lakota Radio February Shows

Toma Hawk returns this month with a plethora of sensational radio shows full of the very best Techno tunes. With a history drenched in dance music and Techno, he has developed quite the reputation for his radio show ‘Lakota Radio’. He delves deep into the underground scene to bring you the hottest tracks from underground DJs to industry legends.  

Toma Hawk has become something of an expert in the industry, as his craft is constantly evolving through his releases and incredible productions. As always, Toma Hawk is joined by a collection of talented guests each month. February welcomes exclusive hits from artists like ilterheadz & The Reactivitz, Uto Karem & Gaston Zani and Fatima Hajji. Also joining Toma Hawk is Spartaque, who hit his career off in 2007, when he was chosen by Virus Music after winning a mixing contest to perform at the Ukrainian Global Gathering, the country’s first very first music festival. 

Toma Hawk has had a career spanning for an impressive 25 years and has built a reputation for himself from modest roots to global club culture. Throughout the years, Toma Hawk has dedicated himself to his one true passion – Electronic music, which has exponentially inhibited the growth of his career in recent times, and he is looking to release more incredible music further on into the year.

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