Two Friends – While We’re Dreaming (ft. Kevin Writer) [RELEASE]

There is no need to worry this isn’t a dream – it’s real: EDM duo Two Friends released their new single “While Were Dreaming” featuring Kevin Writer and it’s hot. Matt Halper and Eli Sones are two friends you never knew you had and also the duo with the best group name. The Los Angeles Spinnin Records DJ/Producers, with a story beginning in their high school bedrooms to touring the country and overseas, are taking the spotlight. With pride, they come to you with the release of their new heavy hitting song (debuting on Sirius XM) and finishing off the summer with a boisterous conclusion.

Upon work that is shaped by live instrumentation, the soul of the composition is unveiled. “While We’re Dreaming” is an express elevator to your passionate dance senses and the rush says it all. The soul-house buttery vocals of Detroit singer Kevin Writer make the already five-star track a home run. The promo video for the single has to be the best thing ever. Flashback images of the amazing past the duo had, to an over the head shot of Matt and Eli peacefully resting. As the frame zooms out, an aerial view of the lovely west coast fills the screen and your excitement. The urge to sleep and hope for dreams just as mad as theirs occupies your mind, as well as the urge to put the song on and relish in it.

Making connections with their fans, Two Friends are offering up the chance to be on their Snapchat story by snapping your best moves to “While We’re Dreaming” to your story. You can never go wrong with fan interaction, and the fans eat up those unicorn treats like full-size chocolate bars on Halloween. Two Friends are making us all their friends. Their Two Friends Playground Spotify playlist is a hip and sleek collection of their faves the boys love to listen to. Which undoubtedly is another step into getting to know your favorite DJs better.

These guys are on top of their game and if they keep making the same material that blossoms in the right direction, they can go far. The fact these two used “The Circle of Life” as the intro to their Big Bootie Mix 12 should be an instant affection towards the pair. Their remixes can easily close the show to Victoria’s Secrets Xmas special given every year because they are at that height and caliber. They have made some waves in the industry, and have been catching the attention and support of certain individuals you probably care about, Tiesto, Don Diablo, and Martin Garrix just to name a few. They are a polished and skillful act that has the potential to shine brighter than they already are.

Girls in their pigtails can jump to this track right even as Fall starts, so get in on your favorite streaming service, or multiple services.. Keep it nearby because it’s one to add to your library.

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