TyDi Reveals New Dance Pop Single “Nerve”

TyDi teams up with American Idol Finalist Geena Fontanella for dance pop single

Tyson Illingworth, better known as TyDi, has a career spanning over 15 years and has has quite a bit of success. With five albums, several remixes and singles and many EPs, he’s done and seen it all. He’s also composed music for Stella Artois, QuickBooks and Swarovski – that’s a good resume. He now collabs with American Idol finalist Geena Fontanella to give you “Nerve”, a pop-inspired track.

TyDi merged the boundaries of pop and electronic music and used bright analog synthesizers and punchy 808 drums. The Australian producer includes influences from 1980s dance music and is out just in time for summer. “Nerve” acts as a unifying message that reflects the world’s current situation. 2020 definitely has some nerve.

The lyrics, sung by American Idol finalist and songwriter, Geena Fontanella, provide a deeper meaning to this song. The track’s calming yet moving makes the listeners. “Nerve” is a beacon of hope to the people who can’t stand up for themselves.

Here’s what TyDi had to say:

As songwriters we sometimes speak for other people and what they might be feeling. We wrote this song for people who don’t always stand up for themselves. The ones who might feel taken for granted. The people who are the loudest say they’ve “fallen on their sword”. But the people who are the loudest shouldn’t be the only voice in the room. We added the line “I know that we want the same” as a nod to our shared humanity — sometimes it helps to remember we’re all just human in the end.


You can check out “Nerve” on Spotify or on YouTube here:

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