Vanic & Zella Day Release “Wonderwall”

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Vanic Zella Wonderwall
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Vanic and Zella Day are no strangers to the collaboration game. Once again, they have come together to remake a smash hit by Oasis. Almost anyone who goes to raves on a consistent basis can probably say a DJ or Producer dropped the Oasis hit, “Wonderwall”, at their show. Typically, a DJ drops the song and plays it long enough just before it cuts out and the crowd sings “And after all, you’re my Wonderwall!” Vanic and Zella Day decided to mix it up and make their own version of the song.

The original track is a rock song from 1995 and is a classic to many. Vanic and Zella Day decided to put a twist on the song. As a matter of fact, they completely remade the song. Their version of the track is a twist between folkstyle music and smooth EDM trap. The combination of Zella Day’s dusky vocals and Vanic’s signature melodic trap bass sound revamp the song entirely.

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More about Vanic

Vanic is a Canadian DJ/Producer from British Columbia, under the label RCA Records. More recently, he has delivered a banger remix of “Bounce Back” by Big Sean and a hit single titled “Staring At The Sun”. He has made a very strong name for himself on the festival circuit and has a large and loyal fanbase.  Vanic has a distinctive sound that incorporates festival trap vibes with melodic bass. He is currently on tour in the US but also just released his Canada tour dates as well.

More About Zella Day

Zella Day is a popular American musician from Arizona and stands as a notable face in the fashion industry. Zella self-released her first album in 2009 and since then has made a name for herself in her own genre as well as EDM. Her most recent single is called “Man on the Moon”. Zella Day ultimately aims to infuse her music with joy.

“As much as it’s important to me to express my darker and sadder sides, I make sure to bring out that lighthearted side too,” she says. “With all the division that’s happening in the world, everybody needs a little lightheartedness right now.” – Zella Day.

Listen to Vanic here

Listen to Zella Day here

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