Feel the Music: Vectorvision Releases Single “Edge of Time”

Edge of Time

Vectorvision‘s latest techno single “Edge of Time” is a genre-bending track. The music within is entirely instrumental. The track features the mixing of unconventional sounds among traditional techno sounds.

In addition, “Edge of Time” includes novel sounds, such as a mixture of acid sounds, otherworldly noises, and zany effects. Furthermore, listeners will enjoy “Edge of Time” for its wonderfully weird vibes. Overall, the musical endeavor is a fine demonstration of producing talent. Check out the track below!

Track Review

Sound Design

Acid bass-lines gargle underneath a chorus of metallic instruments: whistles, scrapes, snapping snares, and bells. Pure-tone beeps and dance-plucks also pulse throughout the track.

A seemingly dubstep-driven instrument with squeaky quality wobbles and wubs in a contrasting rhythm to that of the other percussion instruments. This generates an “ebb and flow” of intensity as it mixes in and out several times. The chorus of these sounds makes for a unique style that is fresh as well as fun.

"Edge of Time"

Mix Quality

A fat and round kick is the most important instrument of all as it drives the beat with a proper techno thump. Consequently, it leaves room in the soundscape for the other instruments to be audible to the listener. As the track plays, there is a perpetual thump on beat as it persists against the busy soundscape.

For the sake of the comparison, kick drums often succumb to competitive levels of loudness. Playing amidst a chorus of sounds where the kick is left drowning underneath the other sounds. In an opposing manner, the kick drum might stick out at times while dampening out completely other times.

Vectorvision’s sound design escapes these destructive effects making the kick drum loud and clear. The consistency of the kicks audibility in “Edge of Time” makes for superb mix quality.


Fit for the dance floor, DJs and clubbers alike will like this track for its groove. Prepare to dance to these beats. “Edge of Time” is also versatile in its appeal to audiences because it is fit for the clubs and is ear-candy for listeners needing their music fix at home.


In his single, Vectorvision slows the beat down to 128BPM. This fits right into the mix of genres with a similarly slower tempo. But, it just may standout among the rest as a track that dares to play off instruments not all too frequently central to the sounds of traditional techno, house, and tech-house genres.

"Edge of Time"

Production Method

Dare we discuss? Well, it is no fuss. Techno can weigh a ton. Vinyl techno beats do not download. There is so much more to techno by Vectorvision. Using Vectorvision to produce music is as much a nickname for a much more familiar method of music production.

In industry terms, the synthesis of sounds in real time is visually represented on sequencers commonly known as a drum machine as many have this feature. With no attempt to reduce the meaning of Vectorvision, it is a seemingly visual. Perhaps, a kind of physical model of making music. For a deeper understanding unto its meaning continue reading at Resident Advisor: Vectorvision.

About Vectorvision

Vectorvision is an American DJ and producer of techno and new disco from Dallas, Texas. He is an active participant in the Dallas electronic music community with releases on local record labels such as TRU.

Vectorvision has performed in the Dallas area clubs and the Official Detroit Movement Pre-Party. Outside of his music profession, he practices dentistry under the name Brian Bishop. Vectorvision’s approach to mixing involves vinyl and the intention to inspire a feeling from the music he tells the Dallas Observer:

I have always looked for music that was different, obscure and futuristic sounding. Over the years it has become more difficult to stick to a single genre when mixing. It is more of a “feel” than a genre that I am looking for when I dj.

Listen to Dallas Observer Mixtape #82: Vectorvision by Dallas Observer Mixtape Series on

Audiophile Records

Audiophile Records is but one of several labels from the lovers of audio at Audiophile Music Group, Inc.  Since 2012, they have brought electronic music to the world from their home in Dallas, Texas.

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