Venomenal releases “Run” ft. Oumnia on Enhanced Music (ONE EDM PREMIERE)

Venomenal may not be a name that is widely known in the dance music industry, but with releases like “Run” coming, there’s a good chance that will change soon. Venomenal will be releasing his first track with Enhanced Music. “Run” follows “With You,” which he was accompanied by the Dutch duo Magnificence and “Gameboy” which he released himself. On “Run”, he is helped out by Oumnia who lays down fun, and upbeat lyrics. Listen to the song on the player below:


Enhanced Music has released so many big songs over the past several years from artists like Tritonal and The Disco Fries. Garnering their attention for this release shows that the first few songs were no fluke, and “Run” follows on his initial solo release “Gameboy” by using some similar instrumentals, like xylophone and keyboard, but carries a completely different feel. This song carries a more tropical, pop feel than his earlier release. The song starts off with Oumnia’s lyrics setting the mood for the song, and the beat slowly building into a tropical sounding drop. The Xylophone and electric keyboard really come through between the two catchy chorus sections.

Venomenal Live

Oumnia’s lyrics talk about the desire to escape society and run away. Running towards your dreams, and not settling is the message that the song delivers, and matching with the tropical feeling, there is a clear synergy between the style of music he chose for the song, and the lyrics that weave in and out of the instrumentals and never seem to be too bulky or long winded. The song also cuts the lyrics off at the 2:50 mark and let you listen to the fun tropical beat unwind one last time. He really shows good “touch” for the music by keeping the lyrics from overpowering the instrumentals and beat underneath.

You can buy the track here Friday 11/10 at 10am


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