Vessbroz, Matt Alvarez and RawJaw Join Forces in “Alarm” Out Now on Harmor Records

Vessbroz have paired up with two talented up-and-coming producers for a hot new collaboration. Matt Alvarez and RawJaw worked with Vessbroz to deliver you their latest single “Alarm”.

Track review

From the moment you press play you are bombarded with hard hitting synths. Then, a hair-raising build up. There is a mixture of melodies, synths and bass. All these sounds work together to create a classic festival track full of EDM goodness. “Alarm” goes through a variety of sections. This includes a melodic mid-section that could be compared to the catchy melody lines of Avicii. Then, the this section resorts back to the heavy dance vibes.

About the Artists

Matt Alvarez

If you have yet to hear of the rising star, Matt Alvarez, he is a young producer from the Netherlands who makes a variety of dance music ranging from Hardstyle, Trance, Big Room, and Progressive House. Moreover, he is just starting to find his way in the industry so keep a close eye on this guy and an ear out for his sound.


RawJaw is an artist who fell in love with producing music through a friend, and he has never looked back. Some of his previous releases include “Nebula”, “Bang”, and “Badwit”. These tracks are inspired by the likes of Avicii, Martin Garrix, and Dropwizz. Most of all, RawJaw’s style matches perfectly to that of Vessbroz.


Brothers Armia and Arsham, better known as Vessbroz, are both electronic dance music producers, composers and DJs. As a duo, their combined efforts form a solid music catalogue. Also, they have attracted an extensive fan base. Breaking into the EDM scene in 2015, Vessbroz have crafted stellar production skills, and most especially, amazing hard-hitting tracks. Such tracks, have a touch of quirkiness to bring their listeners the best of what electronic dance music.

Listen to “Alarm” out now via Harmor Records, and purchase here.

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