Vessbroz Release “Gravity” on Revealed Recordings

The Vessbroz are back with a brand-new pumping club track called “Gravity“. After releasing “Follow Me” back in 2019, Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings is the home once again for the Vessbroz and their “Gravity” release. The track is upbeat with a bouncing beat and high energy vibe from the moment you press play. Teaming up with vocalist Michelle Montezeri for the third time this year, she impresses yet again. Her stunning vocals take centre stage whilst the musicality becomes atmospheric and spacious.

The emotional lyrics and striking falsetto tones work in perfect harmony as the track builds to a sensational drop featuring an infectious melody. That melody becomes the driving force for the remainder of “Gravity”. Using the sibling’s collective wealth of skills, the release reverts back to its stripped-back verses, creating an energetic balance that will hook you. It makes you want to listen to the track over and over again.

With their background predominantly in classical music, they fuse their traditional concept of music and Persian heritage with the modern sounds of electronic music. In fact, that unique musical fusion produce an individualistic style that is clearly taking the industry by storm. 2020 has seen the brothers release outstanding tracks such as “Let Me In Tonight“, “In The Dark” and recently “Parachute“. Breathing new life into the electronic scene with every release, “Gravity” has received support from stars like W&W, Maurice West and Emre Cizmeci. “Gravity” is set to be Armia and Arsham’s biggest hit yet!

“Gravity” from the Vessbroz is out now on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings.

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