Wake Island Returns With Another Stunning EP, ‘Daya3’

Wake Island's 'Daya3' EP informs listeners about the current events and topics that are affecting Lebanon today

Wake Island is an LGBTQ electro-dance group that is currently based in Montreal and New York City. However, Wake Island also has Lebanese roots and the group’s new EP titled Daya3, out now via Beats Per Minute. The EP showcases music that discuss about important topics that have been happening in Lebanon. The first track in Wave Island’s Daya3 is the self-titled track itself, “Cycles”, and the self-titled track’s remix from Lebanese-French producer Hadi Zeidan.

Wake Island provides look into Lebanese events through “Daya3”

“Daya3” is the EP’s self-titled track and it has a ’90s-style techno-pop vibe to it. The song mirrors the recent events in Lebanon that have caused yet another massive wave of immigration. The explosion in Beirut back on August 4 unfortunately increased the damage of people’s dreams and hopes. This track explores the feelings of loss and confusion that arise when there is no other choice but to leave home in search for a better life elsewhere.

Wake Island’s “Daya3” also looks at the polarization of modern societies. As more people become distant through social segregation and extremism, the track calls for broader inclusivity. Having that broader inclusivity can discard the “us vs. them” mentality.

“Cycles” explores Lebanese politics

“Cycles”, its companion track, looks at the cyclical nature of Lebanese politics. It is one where a ruling class, hiding behind religious views, oppresses the people in a succession of wars and crises causing recurrent waves of immigration. History keeps repeating itself. People feel like they have no power anymore and that their sovereignty is completely taken over by external political and economic forces.

This song is an attempt to evoke some of the emotions that people have felt in these cyclical crises. These emotions range from melancholy to fear, from confusion to chaos. Should we stay? Should we leave? Is immigration the only solution? It really does not matter, the cycles always end up returning where they started, back to square one.

Hadi Zeidan’s remix of “Daya3”

Hadi Zeidan is a Lebanese producer now based in Paris. He remixed “Daya3”, stripping it down to its core dance elements and adapting it for the dancefloor. In fact, Hadi Zeidan gained recognition in the producer/DJ spheres through his reworks of old Arabic tracks. He has now moved on to more electronic exploration. This remix concludes a very powerful and emotional EP from Wave Island that shows they really want to see their homeland shine once more.

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