WAVEDASH Return to Gud Vibrations with “Dummo Loop”

WAVEDASH's "Dummo Loop" will bring out the best, positive emotions out of everyone

WAVEDASH have returned to NGHTMRE and Slander‘s prestigious label, Gud Vibrations. To mark their return to Gud Vibrations, WAVEDASH unveiled the first track from their highly-anticipated debut album, World Famous Tour. This track is “Dummo Loop” and it is very bubbly with dynamic emotions sprinkled onto it. “Dummo Loop” contains the vibrant sounds of repeating vocal chops, quick-rhythmic synth riffs, punchy snares, and in-your-face drum beats.

Gavin Bendt, Luke Shippey and Michael Stone are childhood friends from Austin and they created “Dummo Loop” to help listeners cherish the small moments in life. WAVEDASH’s “Dummo Loop” can allow listeners to further develop their own feelings of self-awareness as well. The listeners can check out “Dummo Loop” on World Famous Tour when it will come out early next year. Click on this link to download and stream “Dummo Loop” now.

The rise of WAVEDASH

Gavin, Luke and Michael continue to have strong support from Gud Vibrations luminaries and label-heads, NGHTMRE and Slander. In fact, the WAVEDASH trio released great tracks that even date back to the establishment of Gud Vibrations. In regards to “Dummo Loop”, it is a track that serves a great example of WAVEDASH’s devotion to curate qualitative music while having fun at the same time. Here are their comments about how “Dummo Loop” can motivate anyone who listens to it.

“At its inception, ‘Dummo Loop’ was nearly thrown away out of self-consciousness, for fear of potentially being viewed as derivative or generic. It has since grown into a song that we love entirely and are proud to share. ‘Dummo Loop’ isn’t particularly about any time, place, or person, but more so about a specific feeling that can sometimes be hard to communicate.

It’s the energy you get from dancing to your favorite song with your friends at a concert. The rush you get when you and your partner finally finish the game you’ve been struggling to beat. The sensation you feel when you’re noticed for something great that you’ve done. In many cases for us, it’s creating something that our friends enjoy. In a nutshell, ‘Dummo Loop’ is about confidence and fun, while reassuring the notion that articulating your ideas assuredly, and without compromise, is essential”.

WAVEDASH commenting on the feelings that “Dummo Loop” may bring out of everyone
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