Wavolizer Brings Old and New Sounds Together in “The Rave Elixir”

Old school millenium and modern hardcore sounds fuze in this fast paced party track by Wavolizer

Wavolizer, the hardcore talent from Denmark, brings an all new single, “The Rave Elixir”, to The Funky Cat label. Hard psy, hardstyle, and uptempo stylings make this a unique hardcore track. Furthemore, it’s freaky fast arpeggios bring on some phrantic vibes, too. Get a taste of “The Rave Elixir” from the playlist below.

Hardcore track, “The Rave Elixir”, by Wavolizer

“Ladies and gentleman, individuals, and others, gather ’round and don’t be shy this rave elixir was made for thy. Here, boys, just take one sip. My witchy flavors will make you trip.”

“The Rave Elixir” lyrics by Wavolizer Feat. Mesloes

Track Review

Wonderful break beats with lots of punch, rawstyle screeches, and round, dirty kick drums pounding are among the newer sounds of modern hardstyle in this track. By comparison, the arpeggios are styled in a similar fashion the old school hardcore music from the millenium era. Wakes up memories of similar tracks from the likes of DJ Sharkey, especially his legendary sound in the 2004 album mix from Bonkers 13. Go back in time with the mix below.

Wavolizer recruits sounds from many genres, and times, into a new wave hardcore track with a touch of psy. Overall, it is just hardcore and it is great.

About Wavolizer

Well known in the european electronic music scene for his hardcore sound. Last summer saw him performing at Defqon.1 Weekend Festival’s silver stage. In doing so with Geck-o, who is also the face of the releasing label The Funky Cat, he shows an appreciation and talent for mixing music stylings from many genres. Furthermore, this talet can be seen in his Big-Beat style and other tracks released under his side project, D00d.

DJ and producer, Wavolizer

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