Will Smith Breaking In EDM With New Track “Get Lit”

Will Smith’s EDM Track “Get Lit”

Will Smith has decided to get back in the music world but with a totally new twist. Following an appearance with DJ Jazzy Jeff previewed the track, Will Smith is unleashing a whole new beast into the world we know as EDM with the track “Get Lit“. It is hoped to be an EDM party anthem meant to “brighten up the darkness in this world”.

Will Smith Get Lit
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The track “Get Lit” is his first musical release since the actor/musician’s track in 2005’s with “Lost and Found“. So far there is no word on whether this will grow into a whole new project or if it is just a one-time thing.

Although Will Smith has disclosed that he does have about 30 new songs recorded, so we can assume that an album is sure to be on its way to stores everywhere.  Let me be the first to introduce you to “Get Lit” by Will Smith, let us know what you think.

Let ONE EDM be the first to introduce you to “Get Lit” by Will Smith, let us know what you think.


“This is my tune, this is my room, your witch on my broom,” Smith rhymes before rapping, “My army, we like to party / We smart and artsy and we get lit.”

That’s not if for Will Smith. Will has plenty of projects coming up in the future to keep him busy. Smith will be the voice LAnde Sterling for upcoming movie Spies in Disguise. 

More to expect will be his portrayal of The Genie in a live adaptation of, 1992, Aladdin. Then later in 2019, Will Smith appears in Gemini Man who faces off against his younger self, clone.

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