Willy William Brings His Touch To Rita Ora’s Anywhere

Willy William Remixes ‘Anywhere’ by Rita Ora

On his new remix of her huge hit Anywhere, Willy William takes the heavenly feel of the vocals away from the chugging electro-pop of the original and into something completely different.

Amping up the epic feel of the songwriting at first with atmospheric synths and uplifting chords, he soon drops us into a sub-bass heavy, sexy reggaeton style beat with rapid-fire snare fills and pitch-bending synths.

The euphoric chords play out once again over a 4/4 kick before the dramatic tribal drum-builds reappear to reintroduce the hip-shaking half-time beat. The contrast of dark and light and different styles works beautifully.

After all his massive success, this partnership with one of the UK’s biggest pop stars makes perfect sense. William is fast becoming a major name on a global basis. Special mention to ‘Mi Gente’, a Top-10 hit in the US, and numerous European countries. Just wait and see what he’s got coming in 2018.

About Willy William

Willy William is a DJ of many talents, who knows how to combine his songwriting and singing skills with producing. Holding the prestigious title of the most Shazammed French Artist in the world for 2016, and the #5 overall spot internationally, he was already set to start 2017 with a bang.

He has earned a double diamond certification, two gold awards, and several platinum albums and singles across France, Holland, Italy, and Russia. Keep an eye out for William. He will be releasing his upcoming solo album on Scorpio Music by the end of the year.

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