Wolvero Tries Out a Distinct Musical Approach with “Memories”

Bass-house DJ Wolvero collaborates with long-time friend Jay Percy in creating new single "Memories"

Wolvero is a San Francisco-based DJ whose main musical genre is bass-house music. As an artist who has a heavy metal background, Wolvero’s qualitative house tracks incorporate vibrant rhythms and bass drops. On August 7, Wolvero released his newest track via Play Records titled “Memories”, featuring Jay Percy.

In fact, Jay Percy, who provides his vocals for “Memories”, was the lead singer of the heavy metal band that him and Wolvero played in. Furthermore, both artists are also close friends since their high school years. The sounds from this track can motivate a person to start a friendly moshpit right away.

“Memories” is lively and melodic

Unlike many of Wolvero’s past tracks, “Memories” is a melodic electro-house track that can light up any setting. Jay Percy’s vocals in the track sounded very uplifting, which is unique for someone who once sang in a heavy metal band. The vocals later made way for a psytrance-inspired drop that will mesmerize anyone who is listening to the track.

Towards the middle of “Memories”, Wolvero toned the sounds and Jay Percy once again provided his amazing, passionate voice. The sounds later heightened again with the inclusion of claps. Afterwards, the quick snare introduced intense, percussive loops to a track that is already perfect for private, quality-time listening or a music festival.

Wolvero can perfectly merge bass and house music

A couple months before Wolvero released “Memories”, One EDM conducted an exclusive interview with the Californian DJ. In that interview, he discussed similarities between heavy metal and bass music, plans he originally had before COVID-19 happened, nightclub suggestions in San Francisco, and his latest single at the time. That single was “Hit List” and he produced it with Bristol-based artist Dread MC.

“Hit List” is a perfect example of a song that will influence anyone to dance from start to finish. After the success of “Hit List”, it looks like Wolvero has achieved another musical feat by dropping a memorable track like “Memories”. After reading this review, feel free to start downloading and streaming “Memories” now.

“Memories” – Wolvero featuring Jay Percy
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