Xia Xia Technique Releases Single “Illuminaughty”


X.X.T (Xia Xia Technique) are happy to announce their latest single “Illuminaughty.” Xia Xia Technique’s new single is nothing less than expected from them. They used the track as a self-help infomercial into the X.X.T lifestyle. X.X.T’s sound is like something from the 1980’s but with a major twist. Their video consists of an awesome future as well as 80’s-like graphics, sending viewers on a visual trip.

The black background, geometric shapes, and neon colors make the video looks like a scene from a 1980’s space movie. Also included, like any other infomercial, is a phone number for their lifestyle management. Dressed in interesting attire and accompanied with weird dance moves is Psycho Flower MC, demonstrating that the X.X.T lifestyle is all about enlightenment and good vibes.

Xia Xia Technique resembles what John Waters and Grace Jones would sound like if they collaborated. John Waters is a film director who is known for his transgressive cult films of the 1970’s. Grace Jones is a famous supermodel and singer/songwriter from the 1980’s.

Xia Xia Technique
Xia Xia Technique

Xia Xia Technique is a trio based out of Los Angeles. The group consists of Psycho Flower MC, GR1M3Y-T, and G3NR8TR. GR1M3Y-T and G3N3R8TR are two anonymous artists who always find creative ways to conceal their identity. What is there not to love about the two mysterious artists? Together, the trio creates a magnificent force of DJ’s, remixers, graphic designers, and video producers. Their range of talent and originality has brought the trio to the top of the L.A. freak-scene.

Billboard Dance describes X.X.T and their new release:

Have you had your mind ripped open and poured into a geometric teacup yet today? No? Would you like to? If so, we suggest this brain-tickling bit of Internet cult worship from Los Angeles-based art-house electronic trio X.X.T.


Watch the music video.

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