Listen Now: Yotto Releases Innovative Debut Album ‘Hyperfall’

Yotto‘s new innovative album Hyperfall makes it’s debut to the public on Friday, September 7th. The 13-track album features EPs “Hear Me Out” and “The One You Left Behind” with beautiful vocals from Laudic and Vok. Yotto focuses on tones that elicit a dreamy almost euphoric feeling. Similarly, Hyperfall takes listeners on a journey of sound through energetic and uplifting frequencies. When asked to comment, Yotto had this to say about the new album:

“This record is generally inspired by the feeling of having lost and found your car keys at the same time. There’s drama, distress and deep, profound contemplation mirrored with relief and relentless joy.”

Nevertheless, with the culmination of three years of work, this debut album is nothing short of a masterpiece.  Take a look at the Hyperfall album belowYou can also order the album for yourself here.

'Hyperfall' Album - Yotto
‘Hyperfall’ Album – Yotto
Yotto’s Music Background

This Finnish DJ/producer is making his mark on the EDM community. From his debut in 2015 with Anjunadeep to winning three Hottest Records in the World and five Essential New Tunes. Yotto is making himself known for his unique style and use of tone. For instance, in early 2016  Yotto was named an “Artist to Watch”  by popular electronic music blog LessThan3. His talents have caught the ears of several huge EDM artists like Pete Tong, Above and Beyond, and Tritonal.

Mixmag had this to say about Yotto:

A defined, formidable sound that perches delicately on the balanced edge of brooding and ominous without forsaking a bright, stirring bite.

MixMag - Yotto
Yotto – MixMag 2015


Altogether, drawing from his childhood favorites like The Chemical Brothers and Royksopp, Yotto has created his own signature style of deep house. A blend of gloomy beats mixed with light, uplifting melodies.

All things considered, with this kind of raw talent and ambitious attitude, Yotto is an artist to look out for in 2018/2019. 


‘HyperFall’ North American Tour Dates

In addition, Yotto’s ‘Hyperfall’ North American tour begins late September.  Purchase tickets here.

  • REV, Minneapolis, USA – Sept. 28
  • Gold Rush Festival, Arizona, USA – Sept. 29
  • CRSSD Festival, San Diego, USA – Sept. 30
  • Flash, Washington DC, USA – Nov. 14
  • Bijou, Boston, USA – Nov. 16
  • Coda, Toronto, Canada – Nov. 17
  • Bar Standard, Denver, USA – Nov. 21
  • Commonwealth, Calgary, Canada – Nov. 22
  • Foundation, Seattle, USA – Nov. 23
  • Celebrities, Vancouver, Canada – Nov. 24

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