Zatox “Headbangerz” Brings Hardstyle with a Raw Edge

Rumbling kicks and basslines shake up the mix

Favorable hardstyle kicks with over-the-top stylings make this track a heavy hitter. Get ready for hard punch in the center and loud reverberant sub bass thrown across the stereo field. Absolutely destructive sonics result and the impact is amazing. Have a listen to the bass heavy hardstyle track from the hardstyle legend Zatox, from the playlist below. This is Zatox “Headbangerz”.

Track review

Stale and over done leads pumps full of noise get a refreshing new timbre semblant of a stringed instrument. For example, Zatox style sonics make hardstyle leads strike through the mix with the plucked interpretation of the traditional instrumentation.. Low bass line screeches brings a new take on the rawstyle interpretation of screeches pitched way down into the bass frequencies.

A dub-step style break brings on its attitude of its own an before returning to the mean bass drum rolls punch through the mix. As for the kick, got to love that low end frequency sounds design in getting those sub bass frequencies to rumble through the stereo field. As a result, Massive hardstyle beats ensue in Zatox style.

Furthermore, delivering cutting edge interpretations of hardstyle, Zatox “Headbangerz” is set bring madness to the dancefloor with its huge arena-style soundscape.

About Zatox

Italy is home to this hardstyle hero, Zatox, and he has been an exceptional artist for his productions. Each and every tracker a winning mix. Packing on the energy through experimental tracks throughout last decade such as “Unstoppable” (2018), 2020 Zatox setting the stage for some evolving style with”Headbangerz” with yet another innovative hardstyle hit.

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