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Zatox presents a true hardstyle track that is dance-floor ready. The big sounds are suited for arena-size venues. “Unstoppable” is among the best that hardstyle producers can bring to the genre. Have a listen to this great new track below.

Innovative Sound

Zatox’s track is a creative interpretation of the traditional hardstyle genre. The innovations on the hard-kicks come with a low thumping kick as well as a raw kick with a thunderous attack and sub-bass. While conventional interpretations of hardstyle consistently feature the latter, the former kick is a new welcome to the genre. As the term “hardstyle” implies, this genre is about innovation in sound design.

Versatile Kick Drums

Both types of the kick drums mentioned earlier are versatile. The second type of kick is uniquely flexible in this track as Zatox can produce three variants of this drum. Each has a massive attack and sub-bass, however, the DJ crafts the sound of each so that their audible qualities are distinct among the three kicks.

The audible qualities are a hard-kick, a raw barking kick, and a fresh explosive kick. These qualities work well with the hardstyle sound. Zatox indeed shows the versatility of his kick drum stylings in this track.

Tough Vibes

This track inspires strong vibes. The overall mood comes across as harsh from the lyrics about the spirited toughness that comes with feeling as if one is unstoppable. Furthermore, the melodies are robust as well in that they generate a massive amount of energy that pierces through the powerful kicks as if to command the listeners’ ears. The melody itself is tough, and this is exemplary of Zatox’s ability to inspire emotion through his craft of matching frequency with feeling.

Sound Design

The overall sound design is professional, clean, and performs well. The track is loud. The chorus of instruments is well balanced in the stereo field such that their audibility maintains throughout the mix. Especially, the raw style screech, which is a very raw noise-like sound with a vocal quality that is coarse and harsh like a screech.

As much as that may not seem musical, it is a popular sound in the raw interpretations of the hardstyle sound. Zatox places these screeches very wide in the stereo field where they can be heard without it feeling like a deafening scream in the ears. This is significant as the screech presents the difficulty of striking a balance between its noisiness and musicality. Overall, the screech has a very nice texture to it that is unique to Zatox.

Momentous Energy

Hardstyle tracks express momentous energy. The energy is in flux: building up and slowing down through two climaxes in the track. Each mimics the segments through which the energy sustains through a build and a drop. The tempo of 150BPM of hardstyle tracks makes the energy move fast. Zatox generates this effect in his score. The listeners can enjoy the energy moving through the track. 

True Hardstyle

The track features a hard kick, and colossal lead melodies true to the hardstyle sound. Although Zatox pushes the genre to its limits with his innovative interpretation of the hard kicks, the overall feel of the track is unmistakable hardstyle. In fact, this production is intended as a hardstyle track for the fact that the label releasing it, Dirty Workz, is all about providing “genuine hardstyle” as displayed on the medallion logo featured in the upper-left of the banner, below.

Popular Support

Among the supporters are the fans that comment on their likings of the official video featured on YouTube and hardstyle brands as well. The video is an example of the supportive hardstyle following as it features clips of Zatox performing at events by brands such as Bass Events, Reverze, and Epic Cinema. This spirited release really captures the popular hardstyle following.

Watch the official music video of “Unstoppable” below.

About Zatox

Zatox is a long-time DJ/Producer from Italy. Since 2009, he is known for his hardstyle sound. Earning recognition around the world from brands such as Q-dance of the Netherlands and most recently in Taiwan as part of the lineup of the Q-Dance Takeover of Looptopia.

His sound is accessible to international listeners, and perhaps more so now since after his Australian tour New World Order 2015 because of its primary mission to showcase his talent as a DJ/Producer of hardstyle. Characteristics of his unique interpretation of the hardstyle genre are huge leads, raw kicks, and a mix of melodies and raw screeches.

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