Zaza Releases Single “Lifeline”

Zaza Releases New Single “Lifeline” feat. Philosofie

Zaza’s single “Lifeline” begins with a beautiful, smooth melody that is without a doubt ear-pleasing. Followed by calm female vocals and soft drums it already has the audience hooked.

All put together has a smooth Hip-Hop vibe. The lyrics themselves can be something many people can relate to in their ways. In short, the lyrics are about someone struggling with something and they need help.

Feeling like they are drowning in their struggles and they need someone to save them. The line “Someone call me a lifeline, bring me back” is what stuck out first giving so much meaning in just one line.

Music is meant to make people feel things, especially things they can relate to in day to day life. Zaza hit the nail on the head with this one, giving the audience something smooth and light to listen to, while having lyrics that are relatable.

Zaza, formally known as Lil Beat, is a 19-year old music enthusiast from Georgia. Georgia is a nation that resides at the crossroads of Asia and Europe between the Black and Caspian Sea.

Zaza has been involved in music since he was young. Graduating from a local music school at 13 he began making Hip Hop beats at 14. Doing big ticket remixes for Future’s “Freak Hoes,” Diplo’s “Set Me Free” and now Wiwek and Skrillex’s collaboration with Elliphant, “Killa” Zaza is earning a name for himself.

No wonder he’s gaining popularity in the EDM world. He’s already done several amazing remixes that his growing fan base love. His new single “Lifeline,” which drop on November 17th, 2017, will be the next big thing he gains recognition for.

Doing so much at such a young age will surely be an inspiration to many trying to follow in his footsteps.

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