20 Creative Music Festival Outfits – From Fun, to Festive to Outrageous

You’ve got your tickets to what is soon to be the best weekend of your life. You’re attending a local music festival! But whether you’ve been for the past 5 years or it’s your first time joining the rave, one thing is certain: you need the perfect music festival outfits. 

Music festivals get more exciting year after year. But one thing will never change: the opportunity to embrace your inner creative self. So raid your closet!

And keep reading for 20 music festival fashion and rave outfit ideas that’ll inspire you!

1. Jazzed-Up Bathing Suit

Find the most outrageous and fun bathing suit you own and claim it as your music festival outfit! If you don’t have one of these, then head to the store and pick one up. Music festival outfits don’t require actual clothing.

A jazzed-up bathing suit will do just fine. You can throw a pair of shorts and a light tanktop over it if you feel like you need something more.

2. Sequence On Sequence

Don’t forget to bring your sequences. Any clothing item or accessory that has sequences on it is a must for the music festival. What would festival fashion be without sequence filled pieces?

Find a sequenced bathing suit, shirt, shorts, or even a backpack! You can shop here for all your sequence needs plus a little more. 

3. Metallics All Day

You’ll rock the show in a metallic outfit. Metallic outfits range from bathing suits to 2 piece sets to full body suits. These outfits are bright and shiny. 

And wearing metallic is a sure way to stand out in the crowd!

4. Headpieces Are A Must

All music festival junkies know that the perfect festival outfit includes a pretty rad headpiece. Any hat or headband that’s glittered and jeweled will do the trick. Wear a captain’s hat, sun hat, or unicorn’s horn!

Just make sure it’s covered in vibrant colors.

5. Battlestar Galactica 

The extraterrestrial life is all yours when attending a music festival. Wear space buns in your hair and alien themed clothes. And don’t be afraid to take it up a notch by adding glitter or color to your buns.

You’ll be the captain of the spaceship or the invading intruder with this trendy hairstyle!

6. Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Pull out your best wigs! Or your favorite hair dye and splash on the colors. Try pink, purple, blue, and green.

Pick out your favorite color or colors and rock them on your head. If going for the double space buns look, then try dying one bun one color and the other bun another.

7. Costumes Aren’t Just For Halloween

Who said you could only wear your taco suit on Halloween? Dig out that bad boy from the bottom of your drawer and throw it on! Not into tacos?

Any costume will do! And for even more fun, dress up to match a friend or partner.

8. The Flashier, The Better

LED glasses and goggles are a must when attending a music festival. Wear them on your eyes or wear them on top of your head as a headpiece. Either way, these eyewear choices are a go-to music festival accessory.  

9. Out Of This World T-Shirts

Get creative. You can’t just wear a plain white tee. Think cats and spaceships.

Any outrageous T-shirt will do. And the funnier the better! Space shirts, hilarious animal shirts, or any trippy pattern is perfect for a music festival. 

10. Crazy Bodysuits

There are a lot of cool trends circulating 2019. But bodysuits are at the top of the list. And if you can find a silly or radical bodysuit, then you’re in luck! 

Wear them alone or pair them up with a comfy pair of throw on shorts. And you’ll be more than ready to hit up the party.

11. Crop Top Paradise

Music festivals are crop top paradises! If you own any crop tops, then it’s time to flaunt them. Strut your stuff in a cool and fun crop top.

Choose a design that is sure to turn heads. Fun and crazy patterns are ideal. Pair it up with a pair of flip flops or converse and you’re ready to go. 

12. Chill Shorts That Double As Swim Trunks

When it comes to festival outfits for guys, nothing is better than a good pair of chill weekend shorts that double as swim trunks. You can slide them on for a relaxing day at the house. Or you can wear them out to the music festival!

They’re the perfect simplistic outfit. Wear them as is or match them up with a loose tank top!

13. Shimmery Hydration Backpack 

Musical festivals last all day. And it can get hot outside. So make sure you’ve brought your shimmery hydration backpack along with you!

These backpacks are a super cool way to stay hydrated during the festival heat. Water is at your fingertips and fashion is on your back. Choose a shimmery, metallic, sequenced, or glittery style.

14. Creative Hoodie

If you plan on staying after the sun goes down, then consider bringing a hoodie with you. But don’t pack a boring hoodie. Find the most fiercely creative hoodie or jacket that you own and stunt!

You’ll keep warm and keep your music festival style in check.

15. Eye-Catching Leggings

Leggings are one of the most comfortable clothing items available. And when you’re planning on dance the day away at a music festival, leggings can be a real lifesaver. They twist and turn with your every move without creating tension.

Leggings with stellar patterns are great for music festivals!

16. Lux Glove Set 2.0

A pair of Lux Gloves are the perfect way to keep your hands warm after hours while putting on a show. Cast colorful patterns into the night sky from your fingertips. You’re sure to be entertainment for anyone around you!

17. Kaleidoscope Goggles Or Glasses

Kaleidoscope goggles and glasses fit into a rave or music festival perfectly. They’re colorful and vibrant. And they help kick the party up a notch! 

You won’t want to get caught without your own pair as they’re a music festival essential item!

18. Bedazzled Fanny Pack

You’re going to be spending your whole day at the festival. So let’s face it, you need a space to carry important items in. A bedazzled fanny pack is the ideal candidate for the job! 

All your personal belongings and important items such as credit cards and IDs can safely fit into a fanny pack. And you can keep it buckled in front of you to avoid items from being stolen. But the best thing about it is that you can spruce it up with tie-dye or bedazzled patterns!

19. Radical Blanket

If you don’t have fold-up chairs to bring with you or if you don’t feel like lugging them along, then you’ll need a radical blanket to complete your music festival wardrobe! It’s an awesome substitute for a chair because it’s lightweight and easy to carry. Find a space themed or other crazy design blanket and bring it along.

20. Tie It All Together With A Bandana

Let’s wrap it up with a bandana. You’ve picked out a flawless music festival outfit, but now it’s time to tie it all together with the perfect graphic bandana. Pick a style that’ll match your outfits theme and you’re ready to head out the door!

Boring Isn’t For Music Festival Outfits

If you’re in need of the perfect music festival outfit, then you’ll want to choose anything other than boring! Show your inner creativity and display your true personality with these outrageous music festival outfits.

And if you enjoyed these music festival fashion tips, then you’ll really enjoy reading about these Coachella styles! Click here to find out more.

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