The Best Festival Hydration Pack

Athletes and party enthusiasts have combined their passions and skills to deliver an innovative hydration pack for a new generation. The RaveRunner™ by GenZ™ is the first of its kind. By uniting a variety of unique features, the RaveRunner™ solves an abundance of problems that persist with current hydration packs.

Why call this the best festival hydration Pack?

GenZ, a team of runners, snowboarders, hikers, bikers, motocross riders, rave enthusiasts and the like, believed that hydration packs were due for an upgrade. With problems like theft, inconvenience and just flat out boring design, the team decided to build a better hydration pack for festivals.

Built For Running, Perfect For Raving

Genz founder Ryan Lange is the youngest person to run 200 consecutive miles in the Moab 200. The hydration packs that he uses to compete in these grueling athlete feats are top of the line. He designed the best festival hydration pack to be lightweight, built to last, and highly functional. All traits that festival hydration packs lack.

For instance, these hydration backpacks have chest pockets to store nutrition bars, sunscreen, and more. The team at GenZ saw these pockets and adapted them for phones and sunglasses while on the mountain or at a music festival, yet still able to hold items you would take on a run or to the gym.

Running hydration packs have been light years ahead of festival specific hydration packs. For really no reason. The increased functionality and durability is something that the average festival goer would benefit from.

Designing A Hydration Pack For Raves

The initial prototype was scraped. The GenZ team found the first concept great for athletics but not so much for the festival scene. Team members found that packs thicker than 3 inches would get caught on other festival goers while walking through the crowd or in mosh pits. Ryan also had his phone stolen from a pack on the first prototype. This lead to research and the team found that theft at festivals was on the rise, thus spawning the design of an anti-theft hydration pack. According to an aggregate study by Cooney and Conway, one in seven at the average music festival. There are also 400,000 people being pickpocketed each day around the world. The team realized while you cannot stop others from attempting to steal, they could make a pack to protect others.

By uniting a variety of unique features, the RaveRunner™ solves an abundance of problems that persist with current hydration packs. The final design added ripstop nylon, which can withstand slashes. They also removed all exterior zippers so items could not be stolen from the back of the pack. To access your valuable you enter through padding that is resting against your back, completely eliminating the possibility of being pickpocketed.

They didn’t stop there, crafting a hydration pack for festivals means that they had to make this hydration pack rave. Yes, you can light up your festival water bag with LED lights. This helps you find your friends easily in the crowd. 

Styled By You

raverunner festival hydration

The versatility of the RaveRunner is top notch. It goes from an incognito look that is perfect for the gym. Its looks and fits the part of a hydration pack, even when it is stacked up against Camelbak and Osprey. It has all the same function, better comfort and far more stylish.

But where this hydration pack really sets its self apart is at the festival. The pack comes with built in hooks that allow you to thread EL Wire through it to illuminate the pack. To further light up the night you can attach a sound reactive disco ball that flashes a variety of colors beneath you that illuminate your feet.

If you are into memes or photos of your dog, you can further customize the pack by printing your own skin. Yes, that is right, your very own design can be printed on a nylon panel that attaches via zippers to your pack. Allowing you to go from the gym to the festival and allowing you to swap looks or match outfits to your hydration pack without having to buy another. This back is so loaded we have no problem calling it the best festival hydration pack

Meet The brains behind the Best Festival Hydration Pack

Throughout his high-school years, Ryan Lange was never in great shape. Overweight, low self-confidence, and didn’t like how he looked. When he went to college he wanted to make a change. After running a few miles here and there, the weight started to shed off. Things were looking up.

That October, Ryan set out to complete the Moab 240, becoming the youngest person to ever run a 200+ mile non-stop footrace at the age of 20. After, he began to have people reach out for help in training, staying healthy, and staying motivated. 

I found my second passion in life, and that was helping others.” 

Ryan Lange

Throughout the past 3 years, he has practically lived on a hydration pack. Whether it was while running, raving, snowboard, hiking, biking, etc etc. Ryan began to realize there were many shortfalls with current hydration packs on the market and took action.

Stay tuned for what GenZ has in store. They recently launched a Chest Bag, and Running Chest Pack that complements the RaveRunner perfectly. 

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