The Best Festival Shoes for 2019

Now that festival season is officially here, it’s time to get real about the best shoes for music festivals in the 2019 season. Whether you’re looking for coachella shoes, or just something to get muddy in, there are several different types of shoes out there. It’s all about finding the pair of shoes for a music festival that are going to protect your feet and give you the most comfortable experience. Festival footwear is relatively diverse, with options for anyone and everyone, and are perfect for spicing up your festival outfits and looks. Check out some of the different options below to make sure that you have the best footwear for festivals.


When it comes to a festival, sneakers are an obvious must. Doing a lot of walking is inevitable so doing it in something comfortable makes all the difference. Sneakers are a great option that can be found in several different sizes and colors but are still comfortable and will last all weekend long. Another plus to sneakers is that there are tons of options for guys and girls. These is probably the best festival shoes for guys because they’re a great accessory without being to outrageous. And, don’t forget to check out this Coachella packing guide.

For 2019, the ‘dad shoe’ craze is here and probably to stay for at least a while. These bright white options have taken the fashion and festival fashion world by storm. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re diverse and go with literally everything. Pair them with a pair of booty shorts or just an awesome pair of cargos and you’re good to go for any day or evening event.

If you’re not looking to indulge the inner dad in you, there are also tons of other sneaker options that are just as popular. The skate trends are really coming back for 2019’s festival footwear, and with that means that return of Vans and Converse to the scene (if they ever really left?). These are both great options for someone interested in a basic shoe that durable to weather but are also stylish. A couple of great brands to check out are Reebok, New Balance, Nike, Vans, Converse, Gucci Shoes and even Fila.


Platforms are truly a festival footwear icon. Women and men alike take to the grounds in fabulous different pairs of platforms. Ranging from black and dangerous to colorful, flirty and cute. Platforms are a great option for anyone that’s looking to get some extra inches without having to sacrifice comfort at the end of the day. Although they’re not quite as comfortable as sneakers, they’re definitely a close second.

Festival shoes

This year, festival footwear is going dark and dangerous. There’s been an insurgence of platform boots making there way back to the scene and there are no complaints coming from this end. Think- black, buckles, PVC and some chain and silver accents. Some great brands to check out for platforms are Dollskill and YRU.


Festival boots are super popular when it comes to festival footwear. They’re some of the best festival shoes and are relatively durable. Women and men have really taken a shining to this trend, bringing back different variations such as combat boots, ankle boots, and ‘worker style’ boots. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re durable and able to withstand any weather. Like any good pair of rave shoes or festival, boots should.

Festival shoes

Combat boots are a fan favorite for 2019. The basic black lace-up boot can be seen on rave babes far and wide, with some of their rave baes following close behind in their own versions of festival boots. There are several options when it comes to height for combat boots, but the ankle boot is where it’s at for 2019. Coachella boots are very popular and will likely be making a huge stand this as well. Some great brands and stores to check out are Dr. Martens, Target, Zappos and TJ Maxx.


This is a huge necessity in the festival footwear category. Luckily, there are tons of options for guys and girls alike. When it comes to walking around a lot, being comfortable can make or break. With a pair of sandals avoid having the hassle of constantly having to untie/tie shoes, or pull them on/off constantly. You can even personalize them with the likes of theĀ Cricut EasyPress Mini.

For 2019, Chacos and Tevas are really taking over. However, Birkenstocks are coming in close behind. Luckily, there are options with all of these festival sandals for guys and girls. There are tons of different options too, so getting just one pair might be difficult. When it comes to Chacos and Tevas, these are super comfortable and are designed for hiking and walking. Birkenstocks, although admittedly not as comfortable for long distance walking as the aforementioned, are also great alternatives. Burkenstocks do need to be broken in beforehand but once they are they fit your feet like the best pair of festival sandals.

The Wrap Up

In conclusion, these are some of the best music festival shoes for 2019. All of these options are either perfect for staying up with the festival fashion trends or are perfect for staying comfortable all weekend long. Whether you’re looking for the best shoes for Coachella, or just looking for something new, you’ll find it here. For those looking for comfort, the classic white dad shoes, converse, vans or sandals are heavily recommended. When it comes to looking stylish with your festival outfits and festival clothing, make sure to check out different combat boot options or even platforms. All in all, just make sure that you’re festival ready for 2019.

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