Coachella Style 2019: Dress To Impress

Coachella, a must see event for music lovers all over the world. Once a year for two weekends festival lovers, celebrities, and major performers come to California in hopes to have a wonderful time.

Now one thing they all have in common is a sense of style. Fashion here at Coachella is a significant deal regarding standing out from the crowd.

Artists that appear here have an impact on how the fashion industry whirls around. Maybe wearing an outfit inspired by a favorite artist that will be on stage is the goal.

Pure creativity can be the inspiration behind a great rave styled attire that will blow others away. Indulge deeper and read over the rave outfit ideas and fashion trends expected at Coachella 2019.

Celebrities behind the fashion:

Tons of celebrities will be pouring in with always iconic fits on such as Childish Gambino, Khalid, Jaden Smith, and even Virgil Abloh. Sadly, Kanye West turned down the offer to perform at Coachella because the traditional 40×60 foot stage is “artistically limiting.”

However, that does not stop Ye from bringing influences to the festival. High-end streetwear is a sought-after way of dressing here at Coachella. Some may find themselves at what seems like a runway full from all the shockingly stunning outfits and tissot watches that will appear at almost every head turn. It can seem overwhelming to say the least, but that does not mean dressing to impress is difficult or expensive.

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Coachella Outfits For Women:

For women, Coachella is all about crop tops, colorful hair, and a nice amount of glitter. When it comes down to options for which category of attire to look into it is all preference because it all works. Street, as mentioned before is by far the most popular. It can be a breeze shopping for clothes that fall under the urban category. After all this is a music festival, the ideal clothing needs to be flexible, breathable, and of course comfortable.

Coachella is a notoriously long event that can, in fact, be brutal on the body. Which explains why the attire of choice not only needs to be aesthetically pleasing but functional above all. Modern-day clothes that surround the idea of “hype” usually do tend to be pleasing to the music crowd do to modern day influences on the culture.

There is, on the other hand, another alternative to turning to if the street, or even average rave wear which sometimes appears like nothing, is not looking ideal. Kimonos, fringe, and even sheer skirts are popular choices that fit the environment of a music festival very well. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also act as fun novelty pieces of clothing. Clothing with aspects of so much flare can only be brought out on such occasions and what better occasion than Coachella. Do not forget about fake body tattoos and facial glitter, they can add a tremendous amount of edm festival vibes to the whole fit.

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Coachella Outfits For Men:

Men, if “romphims” which are rompers for him are not necessarily the vibe in mind do not worry because there are many other ideas to look upon. Tank tops are always a safe way to play at a music festival. However, Coachella can seem more like a fashion runway rather than music festival at times. So the ordinary tank top should probably be ditched this year. Primitive style button-ups, vintage tee shirts, even old style hippy clothing can be great options to really break some necks this year.

Coachella is full of wild music festival outfits that strive for creativity and originality. This is the goal that is needed to be full-filled by the choice of fashion. Button-ups will always be a superior selection. Offering unusual patterns, cleanliness, and also a hint of professionalism. Being surrounded by so many strangers, it would not hurt to go for an excellent first impression all around. Who knows, it could lead to something even more significant.

Vintage clothing has lately been on the rise and for sound reasoning. It can be pretty cheap, relatively easy to find some beautiful pieces, and most are novelty items not made anymore. Going to a thrift store, or maybe a pop shop can always be a good idea to acquire some nice festive clothing. For more Coachella, ready style tips read more now.

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A Whole Lot Of Accessories:

Coachella is an elite festival in the eyes of the fashion industry. So what good is a nice wardrobe without the accessories? Ever since you bought those tickets months ago you have probably been wondering what accessories to pack along. Here is a look at some of the most popular items usually brought to this high fashion music festival. First off, a nice bag is a necessity, where else are you going to keep that hoard of sunscreen that was packed. Luckily, LeSportsac has everything covered, offering a wide variety of high-tech bags and backpacks. Don’t forget to stay hydrated with a RaveRunner festival hydration pack.

Bags And Festival Hydration Packs:

LeSportsac shopper backpack, $130 to $140 (

Bags are quite an important piece to bring to a festival, but above that shoes are almost a way of survival out on rave grounds. Shoe game in the fashion industry is a hard game to play. An almost endless variety of shoes are out on shelves waiting to be worn. A safe an always appealing way to turn to is the Converse way. Converse Chuck Taylor are an oh so popular brand of footwear and for good reasoning. They allow the wearer to have some flash without breaking the bank. We recently meet with Ryan Lange, the founder of Genz, and fell in love with his Festival Hydration Pack


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star red sneakers, $25 to $55 (

For those willing to fork out a little more cash Adidas offers a line of shoes dubbed Ultra Boost. Ultra Boost shoes are the pinnacle of comfort when it comes to being on foot all day long. Coachella is a rather long event so why not take the best care of your feet as you can. You will wish you had after the event.

Click to see our recommendations on the top festival shoes

Adidas Ultra Boost Triple White 2.0 , $75 to $180 (


Now for jewelry, there is a lot of options when it comes to jewelry. Even different aspects of the body are something to think about. Rings, necklaces, earrings, and even chokers all come to play in this category. Here is a look at some jewelry options that will help get some attention going in your direction.

Women’s Jewelry:

Needle & Thread Oxblood Safari Fringe choker, $140 (

Topshop tassel teardrop earrings, $22 (

Miu Miu Silver Crystal & Pearl Clip-On Earrings, $460 (
Acne Studios Gold Andre Necklace, $310 (
Versace Pink & Gold Medusa Medallion Ring, $255 (

Men’s Jewelry:

Balenciaga Blue & Gold Oval Chevalier Ring, $395 ( )
Acne Studios Gold Angelo Bracelet, $150 (
Versace Golf Large Medusa Crystal Chain Necklace, $875 (
Stolen Girlfriends Club Silver Ninja Star Sleeper Earrings, $60 (


Above all else, literally, is headwear. Headwear is crucial at Coachella mainly because of the excruciating weather. A nice hat or really neat headband can really tie an outfit together. Flat brim hats are a really popular choice of hats and for good reasoning, they protect very well from the sun along with being really stylish. Take a look at these options we have brought upon for headwear options.

Biltmore Toledo Wool Bolero Hat, $150 (
Hermès Peuple du Vent bandanna, $160 (
Tracy Watts Punta Mita gaucho fedora, $300 (


Of course, glasses are a big deal when it comes to making an outfit come to life. A simple pair can really show what you are trying to achieve behind the clothing. Look no further than Rayban, being in the eyewear industry for 80 years. Rayban is great at telling stories through its frames. With a variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses that range from all kinds of different styles and personalities. If finding a pair through Rayban is not successful maybe glasses just aren’t your thing.

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Dressing To Impress:

Coachella is an odd mixture of beautiful music and clothing. A big event that comes around as scarce as this one can be quite the dilemma to prepare for. Fear not as it is all how it is mentally prepared. Dress however desired, after all, it is about being one of a kind and creative. No other industry is as simultaneously fixated like the fashion industry. It could be watched over with unblinking hawkeyes and some information could still slip by. This concept can be carried over to music as well. Together these powerful rich industries can develop anything and put out into the masses. Coachella is somewhere in the middle of all of this so it is no wonder why impressing is the goal in mind.

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